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Why Explozay Stylez?

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Baddie Alert Minks Kollection

Jelly Lip Gloss 10ml

Lip Balms

Smoothie Lip Gloss 10ml


9-5 Minks Kollection

Sweet Pink Lip Gloss

I love this lip gloss. Taste amazing. My lips looks juicy and plum.


Lip Balm / Lip Gloss / Lighter Custom Keychain

I absolutely love my key chain!! It has the loves of my life on it and every time I see it I smile!! I highly recommend!! It also holds my ChapStick so I don’t lose it as much as I use to which is so great!!

Carrissa Norvell

Uniform Mink Lashes

These are seriously the best lashes I have ever tried, they look so beautiful and real😍 Such cute packaging too! I will absolutely be buying more!

Michelle Karstensen