About Us

Explozay Stylez was founded by Sabrina Cayo on January 14, 2017 and officially launched on July 1, 2019. As a little girl she found interest in fashion and beauty. She decided to create her own brand to inspire others to express themselves through fashion and beauty. Some people are scared to show who they really are because they’re afraid of what others may think of them. Therefore, Explozay Stylez was created to help everyone get rid of that fear and be the person that makes them happy. Alot, of people are living a life because of family, friends or the influence in their community. They dress a certain way because everyone dresses like that, they act a certain way because that's what's trending but, in reality that is not something they like doing. We want to break the cycle of living life because everyone else is doing it and live the life you want to live. Your fashion and your beauty is your voice, it shows the person you are without having to say a word. Therefore, never be afraid to express yourself. Hence the motto, Explode into the Real You which means coming out of your shell and being your true self. Explozay Stylez vision is to become a one stop brand where you are able to come and purchase all your fashion and beauty needs that will help bring out the person you are trying to hide from the world. No more hiding that special person inside of you because your light will shine brighter than the light around you. Welcome to Explozay Stylez where we welcome you to be comfortable in expressing yourself through fashion and beauty.