Be Ready For The Rumble

Be Ready For The Rumble

Heyy Diary !   

Gold is streaming through my body, you couldn’t tell me anything. My walk is fierce and my aura bleed confidence.

I accept the life I live and will hold no shame in it. I'm tired of living to the standard of someone's story when I am the main character of mine. I forgive myself for holding back my potential, to please your ego.

I replayed moments in my mind, that started new chapters in my life. I was haunted by the choices I didn’t make because I wanted to satisfy your need. My mind imagines a life that could have been if I chose the opposite side. 

“What if I did the opposite of what I did then that got me here.” “Where would I have been if I chose the other side?” 

Sometimes, I think life is a switch, it goes up or down. You can have a bad moment at any time of the day and depending on you, dictate if this will be a bad moment or a bad day.

I free myself from the thought of what if because everything that happened, happened and it led me here. There’s no rewind button, life continues, so focus on the now because the same question will rewind once again.

I now understand that my reaction to the things I am a part of will dictate my new reality.

The scenario of wishing I’ve done something better than the decision I partake in, used to take a toll on me. However, I forgive myself and accept the person I am today because the things I’ve been through, shaped my character. Every battle I won strengthened me to reface the battles I once lost.

Life’s a replay with different characters and viewpoints, so forget the rules that dim me down, and enjoy the life given to me. Be happy to experience what will one day be a memory. You know, living in the present moment, holding onto the memories, and letting go of the pain made me wiser and stronger for the next minion; Darkness, attempts to throw at me. I am evolving my character, making her a warrior to not fall for Darkness tactics

Forgiving myself….. Letting go of the pain, made room for gold to flow through me.

Waitttt, what’s that feeling I’m getting??? 

Ohh noo, is it just me or did you notice that the birds are leaving, the clouds are getting darker and the wind is picking up its speed? A storm is coming! This is the storm Doubt warned me about.

Awwwhh man, here we go. It's time to face it again. See you later. I’ll tell you all about it in my next diary. 

XOXO, Explozay


  • Jenna Cayo

    “ I’m tired of living to the standard of someone’s story when I am the main character of mine.” Nothing but a WORDDDD! Okay!!!

    We need to let go of the “what if” for real. Because guess what?? It wasn’t the choice we made and we can’t go back and change history. We can only focus on bettering our today and tomorrow. Learn from it and move on.
    I loved the cliffhanger! I’ll see you next time😉

  • Yanique

    So deep and insightful. Really felt like I was reading wattpad. Continue to write more of these; I envisioned this being something good for you in the future 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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